The month of October Finesse Spa Salon will be creating awareness for Down's Syndrome.  Down Syndrome is the third copy of the 21st chromosome.  There are 46 chromosomes in the average human body. Some people are blessed with an extra chromosome.  Finesse has been inspired by UD Go Baby Go ( http://www.udel.edu/gobabygo/) to build small motorized vehicles (pictured below) for Ames Heartland AEA #11.  These vehicles allow children with disabilities to be mobile and interact with other children.  We have a staff member's daughter that has first hand experience with a go baby go "mater" vehicle and discovered their need.  Heartland AEA only has a few of these to lend to children.  We would like to grow their vehicle inventory to allow children more time with their "wheels".  We need help in raising funds for the cars and for the mechanics to "rig" them especially for the children's needs.  Sponsor a car for $200 and have a bumper sticker placed on the vehicle in your name!  Or round up your ticket at the salon and the difference will be donated to "On the Run with my extra 21".  Need more information?  finessespasalon@gmail.com

welcome to finesse spa salon

For over 56 years, Finesse has served Ames and our surrounding communities as the first full service spa salon in the area. We've celebrated past honors when recognized as the "Best of Story County" for our expertise in hair care and massage therapy. Offering professional skin therapy, nail care, and body waxing supports our belief that when you visit Finesse, "It's not just a cut!" Owned by a group of talented professional women, Finesse invites you to visit or call (515) 268-4643 for a free consultation and an appointment. We want you to be part of our continued effort to be the best.


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